What 'fore the Dawn Withers

by Aequus Nox

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released May 23, 2017

Aequus Nox is:

Astrum - Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Lyrics (all), Songwriting (Tracks 1-7, Bonus tracks)

Murk - Drums, Songwriting (Tracks 1-7, Bonus tracks)



all rights reserved


Aequus Nox Ohio

Ave contemptus mundi

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Track Name: The Smoke of Life and the Snakes of Purgatory
A force rots the bough
And rusts the machine,
Like a cold blade
Plunged into the world.
It hides from view,
In the miasma of privation,
The clearer smoke
That perchance results
From cauterizing
The wound.

Would that man
Reached into his soul
And there in its soil,
Pulled up the weeds:
Radiating tendons
Of ill-action, thought, feeling
Ever obscurely ascending
From opaque depths;
The legacy of a flight
Upward, but not onward.
Track Name: Dolorous Insight
I looked out the window
Of my mind's eye
And beheld a sinking universe
In a thousand gleaming hues;
‘Twas so many beads of light
Heaving into a swirling blackness.

The ship has lost its rudder,
The pilot has jumped overboard,
An abdication of his throne.
Sharks prowl the wine dark waters
Around the event horizon,
Where naught but shadows lie.
Track Name: Fornacis magnae
A faint star leads me, but I know not where,
As the ground slowly turns beneath my feet.
In the dead of night, cold winds chill the air,
And at day, I am tormented by heat.
To find my long sought promised land I swear,
That place with untroubled stillness replete.
For nothing else do I give any care,
For nothing else can well my life complete.
But on my many sojourns far and wide
I have not found anything that comes close -
Not even in my dreams does it reside -
To that promised land, for all I have tried.
So on this arid sphere I trudge morose,
And surmise that paradise is denied.
Track Name: Misery-minded
Hark the herald angels sing, but no more;
Their voices, weak and overtaxed, now bray.
For who could, if he to be honest swore,
Rejoice and be glad all the night and day?

And if true their power to sing ne'er wanes,
Then what can one conclude but this:
That voice and song so joyous are their chains,
And ‘tis slaves they must be, lacking in bliss.
Track Name: Beneath the Empyrean
I realize now that a messenger came
Ambling softly along the Earth’s coiled frame.
Alas, I heard neither approach nor tale,
Then awoke in the same tearful vale.

It is hard for the bard to raise his voice
O'er the din in the tavern of men's souls,
For by the hearth do mad devils rejoice
In dousing the sparks of the once hot coals.
Track Name: Zephyr (Bonus)
No light can penetrate
The inhalation of dread
The fury over wretchedness:
Omens of a lost lore
Bestowing an awareness
Like a breeze before a storm
That all things yearn
To be forevermore
Track Name: The Progress of Perdition (Bonus)
Nature is ignored:
Foolishness strains mortals
Nature’s Law forbids:
Destruction envelopes the world
Solutions fail, previous warnings deferred
Foolishness; the norm for humanity
Never learning from past mistakes
Life; a journey of
Psychological inferno
A never ending
Diverge of emotions
Happiness never lasting
Misery torturing my being
Death; the destination for all
The end of petty sentiments
And squalor over meaninglessness;
Human perceptions eradicated
As the Unknown emerges
Its promise un-equaled
Track Name: Algid Rainfall (Bonus)
Rain spills from a darkened sky,
Bitter grey shafts on Winter's edge.
Poignant remembrance of a deep past
Lasting but a moment
Surfaces from the depths of Being.
Past funerals emanate;
The ages of Man but a drop.
A notch in the creaking bones
Of endless Time
Track Name: Eventide Cloudburst (Bonus)
The roaring storm dissipates
An echo of a dying god
Hurled into insignificance
As the orange gleam of dusk arrives
On the altar of twilight I sit
Hung on the black sea of Nothingness
Far from the fibrous sinews
Of a world stretched too thin